School Year 2019-2020
Instructor: J. Berkeley


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New West Charter High School --- Grading Policies --- Mr. Berkeley --- School Year 2019-2020

Your grade in my class is based on total points earned on tests, quizzes, class notebook and labs, worksheets,
activities, educational games of skill, and extra credit. The overall scheme is based on a loose curve where your
total is measured against your fellow students. Per the New West Charter High School policy, 90% of the total possible points
will be the lowest A- in the class, 80% of the total possible points will be the lowest B- in the class, 70% the lowest C-, and 60% the
lowest passing mark in the class. A student turning in 90% or more of the assignments guarantees passing the classwith a D.
Of course, keep in mind that passing here means a grade of D, whereas NWC requires a mark of C to move on.

A grade of 60% on the final exam will also earn the student a mark of D. Late or incomplete assignments are
considered at best half credit. If you miss an assignment due to an excused absence, you will have that
many more days to complete it. For example, an assignment is due Tuesday and you’re absent Tuesday,
it will then be due on Wednesday for you. It is completely your responsibility to make up any material you
missed due to absence. If you are absent unexcusedly, you earn a zero for anything due that day
AND anything assigned that day. Don’t ditch class! More than one tardy per three week period is considered
unsatisfactory. Homework shall be given 2-3 times per week on average. Copying work of any kind
from another student is the same as cheating and is totally unacceptable as is the use of profanity and
showing disrespect to others.

CERTIFICATION (Every student and parent is required to sign this.)

We have both read and understood the syllabus and grading policies for this school year.
We have discussed what we need to do in order that the student maximize their
educational opportunity while in this class. As a parent, I take first responsibility for
ensuring that my student completes their assignments on time and with due care.
As a student, I take full responsibility for my performance and effort.

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